Statement - R Hermelyn Di Silvestro
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The power of visual language has always intrigued me. My art communicates something of the human experience while inviting the viewer to start a conversation. I am interested in exposing the connections and struggles between self, society, and nature. In my work, through powerful and quiet gestural marks, the human form reveals itself amid the abstract to express a visceral link. This potential inspires my romance with printmaking.


The monotype printmaking technique allows my art to transform by freeing my mark making to endless exploration and possibilities of abstraction. Each movement and emotion of every mark I make is recorded so there is no hiding once I start. The uncomfortable space is enlightening and very addicting. I draw and paint freely on a smooth plate by adding and subtracting oil inks and then printing the image onto 100% rag paper using an etching press. Each artwork is unique and one-of-a-kind.