Private Revolution - R Hermelyn Di Silvestro
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Private Revolution

Private Revolution

It is difficult today to ignore the lack of social unity, political divides and influence of greed, power, and material interests. It is easy to feel bound to our gender, caste, creed, and nation as our differences are in focus. Many have lost faith in the American belief of equal opportunity, but it is still worth the fight.


Between the Lies

Are we living in a culture of perpetual lies? With leaders who engage in falsehoods and misleading statements, it is not surprising. Between the Lies reflects today’s struggle and fight in finding the facts and truths between the never ending lies thrown at us. Rather than factual evidence, unwelcome truths have become the narrative of reality. With the breakdown of trusted sources of information and dismissal of scientific facts, we are left with no starting point to agree upon for addressing any problem. Democracy relies on people being informed about issues and candidates so they can discuss, debate, and make an educated decision. Misinformed people can only cause havoc.


Facts are Stubborn Things

A truth is a belief, but is it based on facts? Facts are Stubborn Things reflect today’s struggle between facts and truths. Rather than factual evidence, unwelcome truths have become the narrative of reality. When facts are overwhelmed by false information, it is difficult to believe that the truth will overcome.



Bound whispers a list of the most powerful women today. Their names and titles become the textural pattern and fabric of a suggested dress of which the figure has left behind. The featureless body challenges the viewer to set aside judgment and to view self differently. The box shape implies containment and symbolizes imposed limitations. By breaking through the borders, the figure successfully begins to tear down those walls built to define our differences and to divide us as human beings.


Although women continue to be bound by gender, caste, creed, and nation, many have weakened or removed ties to obtain leadership positions in industry, academe, and government. The Forbes’ 2017 list 100 Most Powerful Women underscores this advancement. My hope is to inspire a new generation of women to move toward what is fully possible.


Point of Crossing

Point of Crossing explores the ephemeral fleeting moments between unfamiliar figures who happen to share a common place and time in our crowded public spaces. These near meetings have a transparency to them, passing points in space, seemingly insignificance. Points where future, present, and past overlap then fade. In our fast pace lives today, it feels important to notice these drifting connections


Trapped in Motion

The advent of the internet has helped perpetuate a cultural shift from local communities to virtual ones. As Google search has replaced the handshake, social media has become the new first impression. For many today, online communication is a substitute to face-to-face interactions. While sitting behind a screen, you can shape how others perceive you and create an alternate impression of an identity you aspire to.