R Hermelyn Di Silvestro | Bio
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Rozanne is a SF Bay Area based visual artist working in the mediums of printmaking and painting. Since she can remember, Rozanne has painted, drawn and followed her passion for the arts. Growing up in Los Angeles, she attended UCLA and Art Center College of Design, receiving a BA in design and BFA in graphic and package design with distinction. Rozanne moved to San Francisco to begin her career and within 5 years became owner of Arc & Line Communications and taught classes at the Academy of Art University. After twenty years of a successful design business, Rozanne transitioned and focused full-time on her fine art. Her artwork was awarded Best of Show in the Yosemite Renaissance XXIII exhibit, Best of Show in Politics (Not) as Usual exhibit, 1st and 3rd place in the Pacific Prints exhibits, and 1st place in the Beyond Cancer exhibit. Rozanne’s work was also selected into the permanent collection of the Library of Congress, Charles Krause Reporting Fine Art in Washington D.C. and Bank Street Arts Gallery in the U.K.